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Keeping an eye on consumption

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Measuring power consumption in a wide variety of locations is now easier and quicker thanks to the launch of k-Wattch, a portable hand-held energy monitor developed as part of the Sinergy range by Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management.

k-Wattch is a robust battery-operated meter that can measure both single and three phase devices, giving instant readings or recording and storing data for up to one week for download on to a USB memory stick. Its non-invasive 32mm CTs simply clip round cables and can monitor power factor, power, voltage or current, up to 1,000A.

k-Wattch is an addition to the Sinergy range of sub-metering systems from Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management and is based on its popular e-Tracker energy monitoring product, offering many of the same functions but more compactly and thus represents a very cost-effective package.

Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management
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