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Elegance, simplicity and efficiency

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Elegance and simplicity of design are notable features of EquaLine, a new range of T16 (T5) luminaires from Thorn.

Combining a strictly formal rectangular shape with the lightness of extruded aluminium, this seamless fluorescent provides effective illumination without dominating the architecture.

The product may be surface, pendant or recessed mounted – its narrow width of 72mm allowing flush and unobtrusive mounting in concrete or plasterboard ceilings.

It is available either individually (single or double lengths), or in continuous rows (double and triple system modules), thus achieving precise lines with formal purity.

A choice of optics, including micro-prism (MPT) diffusers and direct/indirect distributions, emphasises the luminaire’s strong lines and raises lighting quality. The Satinbrite louvre versions realise an LOR up to 83%. 

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