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Dehn protects photovoltaic (PV) systems

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Due to the exposed positioning and large surface area of photovoltaic panels, surges due to both direct and indirect lightning strikes are a significant risk. To ensure continued operation and minimum down time a coordinated lightning and surge protection system is required.

The DEHNguard M YPV SCI range of modular surge protection devices has been developed by Dehn + SÖHNE for the surge protection of d.c. supplies and inverters on PV systems.

A fuse specifically developed for PV systems was integrated into the already proven combined disconnection and short-circuiting device ensuring the safe replacement of protection modules without arc formation. This synergy of technologies reduces the risk of damage to arresters due to installation and insulation faults in the PV circuit, considerably reducing the risk of fire for an overloaded arrester and thereby changes an overloaded arrester into a safe electrical state without disrupting operation of the PV system.


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