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Extensive range of encoders in new short-form catalogue

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knitter-switch, one of Europe’s leading switch manufacturers, has published a new short-form catalogue dedicated to its market leading range of Rotary Encoders.

Rotary pulse encoders are compact, electro-mechanical components for converting rotational movements into pulse sequences. In applications such as car radios they eliminate the disadvantages associated with conventional potentiometers as there is no stop point which might be exceeded or over-wound and contact problems with analogue resistance paths prone to dirt contamination are eliminated.

Thanks to the ease of processing the digital signals transmitted and illumination options, encoders are recommended for use in industrial electronics, domestic technology, smart metering, on-stage entertainment systems, audio mixing consoles and consumer electronics.

Hanspeter Külb, CEO of knitter-switch, comments;”knitter-switch is well known as a specialist supplier focussing exclusively on switching technology. As such, we are not only in a position to offer our customers latest technologies as we release a constant stream of innovations into the market but we also place our wealth of experience at our customers disposal for customer-specific solutions.”

Six families of encoders are detailed in the new short-form catalogue; MER9 MER11and MERPS11familes, the MER12 which features a pushbutton function and incorporate and LED illumination facility that allows a choice of eight different colours – white, orange, red, green, light-green, blue, cyan and violet, the MER23 featuring a large hollow shaft and the potential to incorporate an LED or tactile switch within the device making them ideal for home multimedia systems, car radios and measuring instruments and MRP1.


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