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Enexos joins forces with German PV supplier

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Germany's second largest solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer, Solarwatt AG, has signed an installation and supply agreement with UK-based Enexos.

Established in 2009 to serve the emerging UK solar PV market, Enexos will represent Solarwatt in the large scale and middle SME business sectors of the market, and at the lower-end domestic and small commercial applications through a new distribution and installation network currently being assembled.

Enexos will be focusing on the quality of installation and customer care, and is proactively pursuing the newly created Quality Assurance Installer scheme. Enexos is a member of the Real accreditation body and the Renewable Energy Association, together with its Solar Power Steering Group. The firm also assisted Solarwatt with the MCS product accreditation of its products.

David Finlay, Enexos managing director, said: "When everyone talks about price, we talk about quality. There is a very clear section of the UK market that will want to concentrate on the bankability and reliability and long term performance of their investment.

"Peace of mind is really worth the small premium you are asked to pay."

Through its experienced workforce Enexos will be able to deliver turnkey projects in the UK ranging from 10 kW right through to 5 MW, with focus on selected domestic and smaller commercial applications between 10kW and 50kW. The engineering team consists of DC and AC high voltage specialists as well as design and application engineers familiar with the PV industry practices.

A number of projects are currently being progressed, and Enexos expects to make announcements in the near future.

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