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Flexible engine controller for the marine market

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The new M2500 engine controller from Selco will control, monitor and protect any engine – no matter if the engine is a traditional type, or an electronically controlled engine with common rail technology. The high quality module is designed to operate in harsh environments and has highly intuitive user interface to ensure ease of operation for both the daily operator and the installer.

Selco has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-tech solutions to the marine and offshore market for decades. Products and solutions cover power generation control and protection, engine supervision, alarm process monitoring and arc fault protection. 
Selco products are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and are made to match the needs of the toughest marine and offshore applications. A good example is the new M2500 Diesel Engine Controller. 
The new stand-alone controller M2500
The M2500 is a stand-alone controller for use on any marine diesel engine – no matter if that engine is used to drive a generator, propulsion, a compressor or a pump.
The M2500 can be used on both traditional engines with discrete sensors, as well as on the latest common-rail engines, which provides all readings through a SAE CAN J1939 data link. 

The new M2500 provides an intuitive user interface with graphical display and several additional LEDs showing status and common alarms of the engine and controller. The latter enabling the user to overview the engine condition without going to the controller reading the display texts. 
M2500 can be configured using the keys on the front of the unit, via an SD card or with a PC through a USB connection. No additional software is needed as the configuration application is saved on the M2500 itself and run through a web-browser. Alternatively up- and download of configurations is possible using the on-board SD RAM slot. 
M2500 provides an event log function where all actions, such as start and stop sequences, as well as alarms, are registered with date and time. The log is saved on the Controller and a copy is saved on the SD RAM card.
The new M2500 has the same slim line design as the Selco M2000, which means that the M2500 will fit perfectly into a small and narrow switchboard mounted on the engine. The M2500 provides an IP54 tight front with a folio based keyboard.
In order to cover the demands of the classification societies Selco has developed a back-up unit for the engine shut downs, the M2600.

M2600 Shut Down unit 
The M2600 Shut Down unit can be used as safety back up unit for M2500 or any other Engine Controller or even as a stand-alone unit.
Parameters such as engine speed, override functions, shut down delays etc. can be configured via DIP switches. This gives a surprising flexibility keeping in mind that M2600 is a hardwired unit without microprocessor in order to fulfill the class requirements safety systems. All sensor inputs, stop solenoid and fuel valve outputs are monitored for cable break. 
Complete control, alarm and safety system
M2500 Engine Controller and M2600 Shutdown Unit form a complete control, alarm and safety system for marine engines. Both units are easy to use without need for reading long manuals and also easy adaptable to different engine types, the best possible combination of functionality and user friendliness.
As other SELCO units these units also carry type approvals from most of the major marine classification societies. Customers world-wide are supplied with the best in protection, functionality, quality and ease of use, why Selco is the trusted supplier on long term basis.


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