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UPS Systems announces IRD partnership

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UPS Systems has announced it has signed a UK distributor agreement with Danish fuel cell manufacturer IRD to supply its 500W and 850W methanol fuel cells.

Founded in 1995, IRD has focussed its development on direct methanol fuel cells that can be used either for portable or stationary applications. With a guaranteed lifetime of 1.5 million watt hours, IRD fuel cells are a viable alternative to traditional batteries and generators.

"The addition of IRD's fuel cells fills an important gap in our product portfolio and opens up some really exciting opportunities for us," said UPS Systems managing director, Tom Sperrey. "For remote and rural applications, the IRD units are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly substitute for traditional power sources, especially when considering the lifetime costs of the units."

"UPS Systems' skills and expertise made it the obvious choice for a UK partnership," said Bjørn Thorsen, CEO of IRD. "There are exciting times ahead and with UPS Systems help, we believe we can help the commercial roll out of fuel cells in the UK."

The IRD fuel cell units are available from UPS Systems now.

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