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New IEC 61850 tool SVScout

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Omicron, a provider of power system protection testing, now offers a new measurement and testing tool for engineers and IED developers. The new SVScout software subscribes to the Sampled Values streams from merging units and displays the waveforms of the primary voltages and currents in an oscilloscope view. Cursor functions allow the user to compare individual values on the traces. RMS values and phase angles calculated from the Sampled Values are displayed in a phasor diagram and a table. Expert functions provide additional information about the received data, such as the detailed decoding of the quality codes.
The broad functionality of SVScout offers the possibility to perform many different tasks ranging from the simple display of Sampled Values to a detailed investigation of a merging unit's performance. This makes the software ideal for commissioning or research and development. SVScout supports Sampled Values according to the implementation guideline of the UCA International Users Group with 80 samples per cycle. A free trial version of SVScout is available on the OMICRON website ( 
Standard and Enhanced versions of SVScout are available. SVScout Enhanced includes a special network adapter which enables the user to perform statistical analysis of the packet timing by assigning highly accurate time stamps to the captured data packets.


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