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Test driving cable carriers

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At the Hannover Exhibition, Kabelschlepp presented Specials this year, with a focus on customer individual solutions.

One of them was a powerful, robust and cost effective solution required to cover the travel of three axes in a linear robotic system.

The customer requirement: A high performance linear robot requires quiet cable carrier systems for the travel said 3 axes, which are able to endure the strong dynamic loads in operation. Further requirements of the cable carrier were a favourable price and a robust design, in order to maximise service life.

To prove that the cable carrier combines all these characteristics convincingly, Kabelschlepp implemented a test run simulating operating conditions for several months. The UNIFLEX Advanced 1555 cable carriers, which are especially quiet thanks to an internal noise damping system, convincingly withstood the high dynamic loads during the test.

With the Specials 2010 Kabelschlepp presented individual customer solutions in addition to the current product portfolio at this year’s Hannover Trade Fair 2010 in April. The products presented include both new developments and improvements on existing solutions, as well as industry-specific special versions. They represent the company’s present focus of activities: to achieve a suitable, economical and reliable solution for every application – and therefore to implement decades of technological expertise for a fast time-to-market factor.

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