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Demand drives manufacturing to full capacity

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Responding to a growing demand for Kevlar brand products, DuPont Protection Technologies has restored all Kevlar manufacturing facilities to operate at full capacity.

In addition, construction of a new Kevlar plant at DuPont's Cooper River site in South Carolina continues to move forward and will enable the company to produce higher performing, next-generation fibres.

"We are seeing greater demand for current and more advanced products across markets including automotive, aerospace, personal protection and many industrial applications," said Dale Outhous, DuPont Protection Technologies. "As a result, all Kevlar manufacturing facilities are again producing at full capacity, and construction of the new plant at Cooper River is progressing rapidly."


The new Kevlar facility, an investment exceeding $500 million, is expected to be fully operational by the beginning of 2012. It will incorporate the latest fibre production technology and enable the business to deliver higher performing products industrial applications and ballistic protection.

Demand has driven other investment as well. This includes increased research and development spending for additional technical personnel; state-of-the-art testing, modelling and simulation equipment and new laboratories in Brazil and India.

"While these investments are crucial to speed innovation and provide additional services for customers and development partners, the business also must retain its financial health for continued growth," Outhous said. This week DuPont Protection Technologies communicated to its customers that effective 1 Oct, or as contracts permit, the business will increase pricing for DuPont Kevlar products by an average 5% globally.

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