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VPhase to exhibit at ELEX 2010

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VPhase will be exhibiting its low cost energy saving unit that you can simply fit, forget and save money instantly,  at Elex 2010 in Coventry on the 16th and 17th September.

A VPhase unit:

·         saves money by reducing electricity bill by typically 10% through regulating the incoming voltage to the home to a stable level, usually 220 volts;

·         saves at least 4 tonnes of carbon over its life, that is the equivalent to driving 22,000 km in an average size family car;

·         should cost no more than £250 when fitted at the same time as a consumer unit;

·         is easily fitted by a qualified electrician;

·         is maintenance free; and

·         has a 5 year warranty.

VPhase Marketing Manager Matt Cody comments “Voltage optimisation technology has been saving industry millions each year but this is the first time that it has become available on a domestic scale,  making real energy and cash savings possible for households throughout the UK.”

“We’re extremely excited about exhibiting at ELEX as it gives us a fantastic opportunity to meet our customers and provide them with useful information and advice. With significant reductions in CO2 emissions with every installation and homeowners saving money off their electricity bills, this simple device is increasingly being recognised as the best and most effective green investment for the home. Once installed it requires no maintenance or change in lifestyle.”

The VPhase unit has a payback of less than 5 years and with a 5 year warranty represents a risk free green investment. To register your interest in the ELEX event please visit where you will also find other events that VPhase will be attending, such as the National Home Improvement Show.

0845 003 8235

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