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PMA products get explosive

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Leading cable protection manufacturers PMA have launched the world's first nylon-based system approved to standards by ATEX for use in potentially hazardous environments.

With nylon systems revolutionising cable protection in a number of industries, from infrastructure and traction to power and construction, the flexible but durable qualities of PMA's polyamide products present a range of benefits, including a significantly easier installation.

Although nylon proves itself in a number of areas, the material presented a problem when it came to being used in hazardous environments, due to a standard nylon's trait of building up a static charge in chemically reactive environments or when fine particles are present in the air.

In response to the problem, PMA has developed a specifically modified, electrical discharging material, the Ex-system range therefore will not act as an ignition source.  With a range of fittings that can go from flexible to solid steel, it's ideal for going around corners, can be adapted to suit any application and is suitable for use in dusty environments such as flour and paper mills.

Tony Hollands, National Sales Manager of Swiss cable manufacturer PMA-UK says: "The system technology is based on the PMA protection system for highest requirements proven for more than thirty years. The new range means our products can be used across an even broader range of applications – ideal for use in breweries where hops could cause ignition and places where potentially hazardous environments exist such as refineries, power stations, paint shops and petrol stations."

"The new Ex-system range from PMA boasts a number of qualities which helped achieve ATEX approval, including the ability to self-extinguish, stay corrosion free and have very good durability against chemicals and weathering."  

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