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Digitally controlled lighting solutions

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Part of the Wago I/O system, the new 750-641 DALI gateway module allows for seamless integration of lighting solutions within modern building automation systems.

Combined with one of the company's latest ethernet based controllers it enables easy connectivity to higher-level systems. Integral WEB visualisation allows easy graphical set up of the 64 DALI short addresses without re-wiring.

DALI's 16 groups with 16 scenes allow quick and easy setup of lighting schemes. Increased diagnostics accurately monitors status of ballasts and any lamp failures. Free downloadable function block for CoDeSys means that features such as constant light control, dimming and automated testing of emergency lighting at pre-set scheduled times are available.

Wago I/O system controllers allow DALI to be integrated with KNX, EnOcean, Modbus (RS232/485), MP-Bus, M-Bus as well as conventional sensor-actuators via a large selection of I/O modules.

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