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Marshalling box range extended

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Vitesse Modular VITM4-2CH and the VITM4-2CH-2S are the latest additions to the CP Electronics' range of marshalling boxes. The Vitesse Modular System is cost effective method of providing power and control for lighting in industrial, commercial and retail installations.

The modular design of Vitesse allows simple mains installation input and provides an easy solution for adding luminaires that can be connected via the spacious wiring compartment. The modular approach allows 4 and 16 luminaires to be connected; an appropriate CP detector (PIR, microwave – absence or presence detection) is then simply plugged into the end module using a pre-wired lead.

The VITM4-2Ch is a two channel, non-dimming distribution system for use in applications that require two independently switched lighting circuits or lighting /ventilation circuits.

The VITM4-2CH-2S can also be used in installations that require two independent supplies for switching lighting or lighting/ventilation.

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