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Continuous ventilation with heat recovery

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Two types of continuous ventilation products are available within the Addvent product range, the Whole House Mechanical Extract (AVWH) (MEV) range and the Continuous Mechanical Extract with Heat Recovery (AVHRU) (MVHR) range.

The AVWH1 model is a Wholehouse ventilation system with features designed to make installation and commissioning simpler and more cost effective.

The AVWH2 Model is the DC version of the Wholehouse product, and is a low carbon model which reduces the power consumed during operation and reduce the carbon footprint of a dwelling.

The heat recovery range consists of three models; The AVHRU1 unit is designed to continuously ventilate a room with fresh, tempered air.

The AVHRU2DC is a low wattage unit which can reduce heating costs, and due to the DC motors it also reduces the energy consumption and the CO² for the unit. For larger premises the AVHRU3 is recommended as it provides up to 220m³ per hour free in duct (FID) balanced airflow.

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