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Busbar family extended

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Legrand has extended the scope of its Zucchini MR (medium rating) busbar offering with the launch of a new 1,000A aluminium version that means the range is now available in all sizes from 160 to 1,000A.

Steve Marr, marketing manager for Legrand's power distribution division, said: "The popularity of aluminium as a conductor in busbar systems is soaring. As such we felt it was imperative to ensure all our Zucchini MR busbar trunking was available in both copper and aluminium so that consultants are able to choose between the two rather than be constrained by limited options."

The Zucchini MR busbar range is ideal for power distribution in medium to large installations and for rising mains in commercial buildings. It features a large selection of tap-off boxes that allow the supply and protection of a wide range of loads using different devices such as fuses, MCBs and MCCBs.

In addition, it is quick to install and easy to upgrade should existing installations need to be modified.  Meanwhile, the vast choice of elbows, tees and other accessories make any configuration possible, including bespoke solutions if required.

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