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Easy relay for a table with a twist!

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An Easy Relay from Eaton's Electrical Sector is providing convenient and versatile control for an unusual and innovative table developed by Rowland Art Engineering, a company that applies precision engineering and modern technology to produce novel yet practical objects that combine functionality with high artistic merit.

A key feature of the table, which was designed and produced specifically to meet the exacting requirements of a prestigious client, is that it has a double-sided top. One side is suitable for use as a dining table, while the other side optimised for gaming. The table has stainless steel legs and an aluminium framework clad with vitreous enamel – an industry first – which makes a major contribution to its high visual appeal. It also incorporates colour-changing LED lighting.

The user of the table selects the required table surface by pressing a concealed microswitch. This initiates the rotation of the tabletop, which is driven by a miniature electric motor. The speed of rotation is adjustable, but the complete operating cycle to swap table surfaces typically takes between 10 and 20 seconds. The table also incorporates solenoid-operated latches to lock the tabletop in place when rotation is complete.

While the sequence of control for swapping the table surfaces is relatively straightforward, Rowland needed a control system that was quiet, dependable and, in particular, small so that it would not spoil the appearance of the table. It also had to be cost effective and easy to configure.

"Eaton's Moeller Easy Relay 721 fitted our requirements exactly," said Lee Rowland, Managing Director and owner of Rowland Art Engineering. "It's tiny and it gives us plenty of flexibility in programming the control sequence for the table, plus ample spare capacity for future enhancements. In addition, the Easy Relay is very convenient and cost-effective because it can be programmed using its built-in display and keypad – no separate programmer or programming software is needed."

In use, Rowland found that the Easy Relay fully lived up to its name, in that it was easy both to install and to program. The end user is delighted with this innovative table, which works faultlessly, and which also provides a talking point as well as being an attractive visual focus for the room in which it is installed.

Tel: +44 (0) 161 655 8900

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