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DC/DC switching regulators ideal for distributed power systems

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Powersolve's PMQ7861 series are non-isolated 3A or 10W DC/DC switching regulators  designed for battery or distributed power applications. The new regulators feature a wide 4.5 to 20V DC input range and offer a 1.2V to 12VDC adjustable output (a 1.5V overhead voltage is required between input and output).

Features include input under-voltage lockout and positive logic remote on/off.

With efficiencies as high as 88% and a 380kHz switching frequency, customers can order the PMQ7861 series regulators in a very compact open PCB SIL format or in a SMD package.

Operating ambient temperature range is -25 to +70ºC (derating above 55ºC) and short circuit and over current protection are standard. Start up time is just 2mS typical and line and load regulation are both 2%.


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