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Soft starting for hire

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With an extensive range of enclosed soft starters now available for hire from drive technology expert, Ralspeed, it's no longer necessary for companies with short- or medium-term requirements for soft starting to use scarce capital resources to purchase equipment outright. Instead, they can hire the soft starters they need at very competitive rates and offset the rental charges against corporation tax.

Ralspeed is now offering soft starters for rent for periods from one week to years and, in many cases, can provide immediate ex-stock delivery. The units are available to suit motors with ratings from 1 kW to 300 kW and are an ideal choice for temporary pumping installations, for use where large motors have to be started from generator-derived supplies, and to substitute for faulty equipment while repairs are carried out.

All Ralspeed soft starters supplied on hire feature rust and weather-resistant enclosures that make them equally suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Comprehensive motor overheat protection is also incorporated, along with provision for level control and terminals for connecting an optional RAL-TXT unit to allow remote monitoring and control via the ordinary mobile telephone network.

Soft starters rated at 15 kW additionally feature an innovative wide-range overload facility that allows them be matched to motors anywhere in the range 1 kW to 15 kW simply by turning a selector switch located inside the panel. Larger soft starters in the range incorporate main and bypass contactors to ensure maximum safety and economy.

The soft starters are free standing and are supplied fully tested ready for immediate installation and use. Cabling is facilitated by the provision of pre-drilled gland plates.
Ralspeed provides comprehensive technical support for all of its hire products. This includes advice on selecting the most appropriate equipment for specific applications and guidance on installation, setting up and commissioning. In the unlikely event that is should prove necessary, the company also offers on-site support, which is accessible twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year.

Tel: 01254 582345

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