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Wind turbine gearbox dryer protects lubrication oil

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Brownell has introduced a new self reactivating dry air breather to prevent contamination of gearbox lubricating oil by water and condensation. The REGEN8 has a robust all weather construction with complete automatic process control including a Telemetry option for remote monitoring and control management.

Many lubricating oils have a water vapour adsorption characteristic. Commercially available lubricating oils are delivered by most manufacturers with low residual water content. Maintaining this low residual moisture level throughout the gearbox life is a major challenge and requires an active moisture control and management system.

Excessive moisture in a gearbox can result in increased corrosion, a loss of lubrication properties and changes in oil viscosity. The efficient operation of a gearbox through wide operating temperatures during summer and winter is essential.

The Brownell REGEN8 removes the water vapour entering the gearbox to a safe level. This relative humidity is equal to the residual moisture of the lubrication oil. The water vapour is adsorbed using an active adsorbent. A twin channel adsorbent system ensures that the RENEG8 maintains a constant supply feed of dry air into the gearbox. When the adsorbent is saturated an automatic reactivation process is initiated which restores the adsorbent to its maximum efficiency level.

REGEN8 can be used for wind turbine gearboxes of up to 1000 litres free air space.

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