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Day: July 2, 2010

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Advertisement feature -100th anniversary of the DEHN Group

From a Craftman’s workshop to a modern industrial company In our great-grandparents’ time electricity was by no means a matter of course. At the beginning of the 20th century, electricity was at best available in large cities but rarely in rural areas.

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Opinion/training – Pulling together

Confusion reigns but QCF promises to deliver tangible benefits to the electrical  industry says Ann Watson, managing director of EAL (EMTA Awards)

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Opinion/training – Funding shortfalls

It has been widely reported the new coalition government refuses to rule out a rise in university tuition fees. It has also been widely reported that the Russell Group of leading universities is calling for a fee rise, arguing that students should

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ABB swappage scheme aids ISO14001 compliance

The new ABB swappage scheme is supported by a recycling programme that this year recycled 13 tonnes of waste variable speed drives, recovering over 90% of their component materials by weight. The ABB swappage scheme offers at least 17.5% off the list

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