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New Ladders Complete kits

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To help businesses keep up with ladder inspections and maintenance, Scafftag, the  equipment status management specialist, has introduced Ladders Complete kits for companies with typically less than 10 ladders to manage.

The new kits offer a more convenient and complete solution to companies by providing more than just safety tags. Materials to help understand and comply with ladder regulations and requirements are included in the kit. Each kit contains:

 *   ‘The Yellow Book' – a ladders inspection record book with a ladders register
 *   Training and guidance tools relating to ladder inspections and regulations
 *   Laddertag holders and inserts
 *   Adhesive attachments for the Laddertag system

The kits can be purchased in packs with ten, six or three Laddertag systems.
Jonathan Edwin, Business Manager at Scafftag said: "It is a legal requirement for ladders to be inspected and registered. An effective management system should have a system of identifying when ‘unsafe' or not to be used. Ladders should be checked daily by a competent person prior to any use for damage, faults and wear. Each ladder should be given a unique identification mark or tag and be recorded on a suitable register that has appropriate records of inspections, repairs and maintenance."

The Yellow Book is a ladder safety management system book that collects together all the elements required to manage ladders onsite in one protective binder and contains legislative and risk assessment guidance, a ladder register, inspection reports and fault notification reports. The book helps with conducting a risk assessment; completing pre-work inspections before each use of the equipment and ensuring this is recorded; inspecting and maintaining equipment at suitable periods as deemed appropriate by a risk assessment; maintaining a record of all inspections; ensuring employees are informed if equipment is not safe to use and keeping a register of all ladders.


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