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Taking skeleton design into the 21st century

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MK Electric has developed the Sentry range of skeleton units to bring 21st century safety standards and design to social housing. Skeleton boards are spine backplate assemblies that fit within a Mantel or Clifton type enclosure – essentially a kind of metal ‘utilities' cupboard – that may also contain the meter.

The Sentry Skeleton range counters all the problems associated with skeleton boards, which are rarely used in new-build and only installed as part of refurbishment programmes, to offer a modern and easily installed unit that meets the highest safety regulations.

Importantly, flexible neutral bar configurations and a floating busbar system (one that can be cut according to the number of devices fitted) enables a wide combination of protected and unprotected circuits; as well as offer configuration flexibility depending on local authority requirements (be it split load/dual RCD/all RCBOs).

MK Electric
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