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Electrical Safety Council launches ‘Plug into safety’ campaign

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Plug into safety, a new campaign from the Electrical Safety Council, which aims to reduce the number of electrical accidents in the home by encouraging people to fit an RCD, will launch on 10 May 2010.

Every week someone in the UK dies in an electrical accident in their home and thousands of people are injured every year. Plug into safety will urge householders to take 5 minutes to carry out simple electrical safety checks including a review of RCD protection.

Phil Buckle, director general at the Electrical Safety Council, said: "There couldn't be a better time to launch the Plug into safety campaign. The bank holiday is when many people will be getting out in the garden or doing DIY and using lots of power tools, and currently more than half of UK homes – that's 13 million – don't have RCD protection in their fusebox.

It's up to the industry to lead the way in encouraging householders to install RCDs and take basic safety measures so that UK families are protected from the potential dangers of electricity."

The campaign will raise general awareness of electrical safety and encourage householders to:

· Check plug sockets, electrical appliances, lighting and switches for any that are faulty or damaged

· Consider upgrading to a modern fusebox with built-in RCDs or install plug-in RCDs (which are readily available from local hardware or home and garden stores)


· Contact a registered electrician any with concerns about electrical safety

The campaign will be promoted through the media as well as through partnerships with leading retailers and manufacturers. Electricians will be encouraged to support the campaign by providing information on RCDs for consumers. The Electrical Safety Council is currently developing a campaign toolkit for distribution to electricians, giving all the information they need to pass onto consumers, which will be available from mid-July.


* Media stories needed

Have you suffered from an electric shock or electrical fire? Perhaps you've been called in to help make a home safe after its owner has suffered from one?

Share your story and help raise awareness about the importance of electrical safety in the home – and get the chance to win an ipod!

The Electrical Safety Council is looking for stories about electrical shocks or fires that could have been prevented by an RCD. Whether you've suffered yourself or are an electrician who has witnessed the consequences – if you have a story to tell – please contact Jacqueline Culleton at or call 020 7403 2230.

Eligible stories will be entered into a free prize draw to win an ipod


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