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Chasing shadows

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TridonicAtco has supplied its LED's for Chasing Shadows, a collaboration between Peter Pritchard of  lighting design consultancy Pritchard Themis and his wife, textiles artist Eleanor Pritchard.

The concept was to bring forest inside, for all the animals in glass cases around the museum.  66 illuminated trees were created and hung amongst the antlers of the Grand Trophy Room; they represent a woodland, sealed and preserved ‘behind glass'. These trees were made of made of paper that was burnt and worked into by Eleanor to resemble birch bark and then sealed into clear acrylic tubes. 

A white Tridonic LED within the base of each tube delicately illuminated the paper and created a ghostly forest of light. A lighting programming system then gave life to the scene, with sudden flits of light, or slower, more menacing changes in light levels set to suggest a living presence, watching from the trees and moving around, but never fully glimpsed.

Tridonic Atco
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