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New secure power series

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Global back-up power brand Dale Power Solutions has introduced a new range of containerised  generator sets which are aimed to create a new benchmark in the sector.

The Secure Power 1600 handles step loads in excess of 850kw from cold start a substantial increase over similar 20ft containerised units.

Noise levels at 80dBA at one metre – are good for a 1600kVA generator in a 20ft container, the range also includes 1400, 1200 and 1000 kVA options, all power options are available as dual 50/60 HZ frequency.

Developed and built to robust generator hire market specifications, the Secure Power Series offers unmatched power output, flexibility and ease of operation and maintenance. The compact power density of the 20 ft generator containers is ideal where space and flexibility is of importance.

The Secure Power range of products demonstrates Dale Power Solutions' commitment to providing our customers with industry-leading, flexible and efficient products. The product's size, power output, noise levels and portability make it a suitable choice for limitless applications worldwide.

Key features:
* The Secure 1600 handles step loads of over 800kW from start up – substantially  more step load capability than other leading competitors to handle the most demanding of situations and applications
* Noise levels at 80dBA at one metre and just 68bBA at 7m – outstanding for a 1600kVA generator in a 20ft container
* Fully bunded against leakage and with exhaust emissions at the very latest standard, the series is environmentally friendly
* At 20ft, the Secure 1600 offers flexibility of location and the option of transporting the unit on to new or different premises if the client re-locates
* With the same fuel consumption as similar lower powered containerised units, the Secure Power Series offers better fuel efficiency
* Easy maintenance and extended periods between oil changes
* Designed to accommodate efficient servicing, including dual side door access and an external fuel fill point
* Generator to generator synchronizing standard configuration, synchronisation to mains as standard option
* 2000 Ltr, on board fuel tank as standard
* Up to 55 degree C ambient temperature operation options available
* External and remote operation and monitoring, no container access required improves operator health and safety.
* Dual frequency capability

As part of the secure power division of TT Electronics each year Dale supplies over 3,000 generator and battery-backed UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems worldwide and services more than 4,000 generator sets and UPS systems.

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