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Liberal Democrats support fight against on non-approved cables

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Prysmian won the support of Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and Liberal Democrat shadow home secretary Chris Huhne, in its drive to ensure cable systems purchased and installed throughout the UK are safe, fit-for-purpose and fully compliant with regulations, as part of its association with the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI).

Both politicians visited Prysmian's Eastleigh cable manufacturing plant on 8 April as an early stop on their election campaign trail. They discussed the problem of sub-standard and counterfeit cables with Prysmian director of energy and telecom cables Michael Simms, before moving onto a tour of the factory and talks with Prysmian workers.

Prysmian recognises the problem of non-approved cables and consequently plays a major role in the ACI drive in the UK. The ACI will address the issue of unsafe, non-approved and counterfeit cables in the £2bn UK marketplace.

Huhne, who has been supporting Prysmian in this initiative since its conception over 12 months ago said: "Sub-standard and counterfeit cables pose a real threat to lives and livelihood. These cables look very similar to properly tested and manufactured cables, but can rapidly overheat, thereby posing a real fire risk. This excellent initiative will help increase awareness of the problem, and highlight the real need for people to ensure that cables made to EU safety standards are always used. The importation and use of counterfeit cables is a completely avoidable hazard, and one the government need to help stamp out by supporting initiatives such as the ACI."

Pictured left to right: Michael Simms, Prysmian director of energy and telecom cables; Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat leader; Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat shadow home secretary; Phil Brown, Prysmian director of HR.

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