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VPhase announces results of independently verified trials

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Independently verified trial results have confirmed the substantial money, energy and carbon emission savings that can be achieved by fitting a VPhase unit.  VPhase has released the data from trials that took place across several properties in the UK, showing savings in electricity consumption of between 6% and 12%.

Results have been verified by EA Technology, which has confirmed that these reductions could save the respective homeowners between £75 and £135 per year on their annual electricity bills. This equates to carbon savings of 390 to 708 kg per annum.

This particular trial took place between December 2009 and February 2010.  The individual energy savings depend on the type of appliances in each house and the specific average incoming voltages. The findings confirm VPhase’s own back-to-back testing of individual appliances and the calculated whole house savings derived from those.

VPhase CEO Dr Lee Juby commented on the results: “We’re extremely pleased that these trial results, the first to be independently verified, simply confirm what we have found from our own internal testing over the last three years.  Individual appliance back-to-back testing has shown savings of up to 17% in the case of fridges and freezers and it is good to see these results translate into significant whole house savings.”

Voltage optimisation is not new with large commercial organisations using it to significantly cut their energy bills for many years.  However, this is the first time that the technology has been available to domestic and small commercial users.  The low-cost VPhase unit reduces and stabilises the incoming voltage, normally to 220V in the UK, reducing wasted energy.  The result is considerable reductions in electricity consumption and, therefore, costs and carbon emissions, throughout the house.

The VPhase unit is fitted next to the fuse box and operates on socket outlets and lighting circuits where it can maximise savings.  It is best fitted whenever a new fuse box is fitted, adding value for the electrician and the homeowner.

Each VPhase unit costs £250 + VAT (RRP).  For more information visit or call 0845 003 8235 for a trade price list or call in at your local distributor.

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