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Plugging-in to instant energy savings

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E-Matic's EMCQ trouble-free retrofit T8 to T5 converters, for 600mm x 600mm modular fittings, are easy to install simply by replacing existing fluorescent tubes with the new linear converter – without the need of re-wiring.

The conversion units simply plug into existing conventionally ballasted luminaires, transforming them electronically to high frequency ballasted fitments of correct type and size minimising installation work.

The reduced ballast losses of high frequency combined with new high efficiency tubes, gives major energy and cost savings; up to 50%, at a fraction of the expense of a ceiling batten replacement, and up to 20,000 hours lamp life.

Other forms of this type of product require a wiring change during installation, therefore a qualified person must carry out the installation.
E-matic linear converters offer the modern and affordable route to lighting energy efficiency. Inexpensive, durable and proven in use.

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