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Schneider Electric launches power monitoring solution for small businesses

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Schneider Electric has enhanced its measuring and monitoring solutions with the introduction of PowerView – a power and energy monitoring software, suitable for small system applications to help businesses save money and energy.

The PowerView software works with Schneider Electric’s PowerLogic EGX100 integrated gateway and comprehensive range of meters. It allows users to track real time power conditions and remotely monitor electrical equipment and installations across an entire electrical network. Through the system, users can measure the energy consumption of specific applications or circuits by day and hour, analyse and compare total harmonic distortion, produce reports and plot trends.

The software is capable of reading up to 32 meters, transferring data from RS485 on which the metering devices run, to the Ethernet port on which the PowerLogic gateway operates, allowing data to be viewed on the user’s computer. The PowerView software is compatible with an extensive choice of Schneider Electric’s metering devices, including the award-winning Compact NSX Moulded Case Circuit Breaker that also monitors energy and power, as well as the entire PowerLogic range.

The system allows organisations to achieve transparent energy management and by having an integrated gateway, software and metering function, helps businesses qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance on Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (AM&T) equipment.

Zina Shair, marketing engineer at Schneider Electric says: “The PowerView software allows us to offer a complete solution for small buildings and industrial plants to measure and monitor their energy consumption. By tracking real-time power conditions, analysing power quality, reliability and studying historical trends, businesses can pinpoint energy waste or unused capacity, as well as verify efficiency improvements and allocate energy usage to buildings, departments or processes. This will then help to cut energy-related costs, avoid downtime and optimise equipment utilisation.”

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