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Flexible access to mains power

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A new way to access mains power in offices, schools, industrial facilities and the home has been announced by Steljes.

Mainline is a power track that allows a user to add, reposition or remove power sockets anywhere along its length, providing flexible access to mains electricity wherever it is used.

For the user, accessing mains power is simple. Mainline power track comes in standard lengths of 2.2 metres and can be cut to suit, on-site, for shorter length requirements or joined together for longer spans. By inserting Mainline's outlet adaptors and twisting clockwise, a power outlet is locked and ‘live'. Any number of outlets can be inserted anywhere along the length of the power track. The maximum current capability of Mainline is 32A.

"Since Steljes was established more than 20 years ago, we have brought to the market a wide variety of products that use the latest technology to enhance the way we work and live. Just two examples have been the first flat panel displays and the first interactive whiteboards " said Matthew Jacks, category business manager at Steljes. "Now, we are launching an exciting new product that makes using technology a whole lot easier in many situations since Mainline allows the user to choose any point along the track to insert, twist and then use a mains power socket. From our initial discussions, we have seen a lot of interest from office developers and those involved in equipping schools, colleges and universities and I expect to see other sectors turn on to Mainline once it becomes established" he added.

Mainline has been designed for use in practically every application where mains electricity is required. Its familiar ‘trunking' style profile (55mm x 19mm) allows Mainline to ‘stand-alone' or be integrated into skirting boards, chair rails and along work surfaces in offices, school classrooms, labs, hospitals, industrial facilities and many other commercial and residential environments.

Mainline is suitable for installation in new builds or refurbished developments and can be painted or finished to match if required. Accessories available allow Mainline to be joined together and installed around corners.

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