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Marine grade aluminium enclosure

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The Stahl 8265.2 GUBox enclosure is in use as the preferred marine grade aluminium  enclosure for Newson Gale. The need was identified to replace an existing EEx d IIB enclosure due to its lack of international approvals. This provided an ideal opportunity to source a product that was not only more highly rated, but also a smaller and lighter enclosure with IIC certification.

For over 25 Years, Newson Gale, based in Nottingham, England has been in the business of protecting people and assets from static hazards. This has been achieved by serving industries where processes that generate significant amounts of static electricity have the potential to ignite flammable or explosive atmospheres.

Newson Gale designs and manufactures a comprehensive and innovative range of static grounding and bonding equipment, including intrinsically safe earth monitoring systems. These provide indication and control for a wide range of industrial hazardous area applications.

The Stahl 8265.2 enclosure was chosen due to being an EExd IIC enclosure with international certification, suitable for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 environments, with a viewing window and a direct entry method. This comprehensive range has many features including the ability to combine both EExd and EExe enclosures closely coupled.

This range of enclosures suits instruments, small plc's, barriers and isolators, in fact most industrial electrical and/or automation equipment can be placed inside the GUBox and certified as explosion proof subject to size and heat dissipation.

Andrew Armitage, operations director of Newson Gale says "another key benefit of the Stahl enclosure over competitive offerings is the size of the opening compared to the overall size of the enclosure. The material of construction also allows the enclosure to be used without painting."

With Stahl being an existing customer and supplier of Newson Gale, it was the natural process of selection as experience had proven "Stahl to be a very good partner company to work with who provide reliable and quality products."

Being a global manufacturer of electrical equipment for hazardous areas, R.Stahl can offer specialised solutions for switchgear, lighting, automation and system solutions. Products from the range can be customised where necessary and include a 12 month RTB warranty as standard.



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