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IEC 61850 testing tools enhanced

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OMICRON, a leading manufacturer of testing solutions for protection systems, has released a new version of its versatile IEDScout PC software. IEDScout 2.0 offers many valuable functions needed in substations with IEC 61850 devices or the laboratory. The functional range of this universal IEC 61850 client reaches from generic data attribute reading/writing to using the self description of the IED (Intelligent Electronic Devices) and creating SCL (Substation Configuration Language) files from it. The software works as publisher/subscriber for GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Events) messages and monitors them in a network. The new version contains a Polling Window for observing all polled data together and offers the possibility of recording GOOSE traffic into COMTRADE files. A free trial version of the software is available at  and .

IEC 61850 is also reflected in the new features of OMICRON's Test Universe software. Version 2.30 of the CMC control software now supports 360 additional virtual GOOSE inputs and outputs for testing in the IEC 61850 environment. Additionally the new PermaSync function allows analog and sampled values outputs remaining permanently synchronized with the external reference. For controlling CMC testing devices with parallel interfaces the USB to parallel converter CMUSB-P is supported. COMTRADE export, ramp functions and NetSim functionality have also been extended.

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