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New scrappage scheme

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Deif’s new scrappage scheme gets you a 25% price reduction on a new AGC-3 in exchange for handing in your old gen-set controller.

The AGC-3 is said to be one of the most advanced and versatile control systems of today. It is designed to protect and control your gen-set under the most testing conditions. It will handle
applications ranging from a single unit to extremely complex power plants.

An AGC-3 can now be yours for just 75% of the market price. All you need to do is hand
in your old controller to Deif. Manufactured by Deif or not, makes no difference. The company accepts any brand. It will then provide you with the control solution, service plus help and support that you need.

AGC-3 facts
• Seven standard operation modes
• Engine, generator, tie, bus tie and mains protection
• Advanced power management with full redundancy at communication
• M-logic lets you dedicate specific functions or logic conditions to different in- and outputs
• J1939 engine communication provides interface to not only monitor and protect the
engine, but also to regulate, start and stop it (ADEC, MDEC, J1939 Generic)

Deif (UK)
0161 429 4940


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