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New microwave presence detectors

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Two new microwave presence detectors from Ex-Or expand the control options of their  LightSpot and MLS Digital systems by providing, for the first time, dimming control in conjunction with the extended coverage offered by microwave technology.

These new corner-mounted detectors are both capable of controlling an area of up 20m x 20m. This is nothing new in itself – the Mid Range LightSpot which offers the same coverage is already well-established – but these new detectors offer dual-circuit control and feature a regulating photocell to adjust light output in accordance with ambient light levels. They can control up to 25 DSI/DALI ballasts.

Both detectors enjoy enhanced presence detection for improved sensitivity beneath the detector itself. They can be programmed remotely using an HP2000 infrared programmer for ease of commissioning and – whenever necessary – re-commissioning without any fuss or bother. Both incorporate scene-setting which allows the instant recall of previously set lighting scenes.

The MLS version (MLS2500D) offers full compatibility with Ex-Or's MLS Digital managed lighting system whereby a network of communicating presence detectors interact to provide fully integrated, automatic lighting operation.

The stand-alone LightSpot version (MR2500D) offers local manual control to adjust the light levels or turn luminaires on or off via hard-wired 'OneSwitch'. The fully MLS-compatible version also offers OneSwitch operation but, in this case, via a unique wireless and battery-less switch, developed by MK Electric.

This new wireless switch harvests tiny amounts of ambient energy to wirelessly operate lights and detectors at ranges of up to 30 metres. The switches can be specified in a wide variety of styles and finishes, and being wireless they can be mounted anywhere – even on glass partitions.


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