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Cable carriers minimise downtime costs

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Reinforced plastic cable carriers from energy chain specialist igus have been selected by GÜDEL to help minimise downtime across its range of automated systems. The cable carriers guide and protect moving cables and hoses in systems ranging from multi-axis robots and press-transfer systems, to factory-automation equipment and gantry robots.

GÜDEL supplies OEMs worldwide across numerous industries, including the automotive and aerospace sectors. The E4/100 enclosed energy tubes from igus, feature hinged, snap-open lids for easy access to cables and hoses. Each machine can use up to 70 metres (230 feet) of energy tube, operating at speeds up to 7m/s.

"The robust plastic chains are completely resistant to harsh chemicals, hot flying debris, dirt and dust," says Justin Leonard of igus UK. "They withstand high loads, fast accelerations and speeds, and long travels – typical conditions for modern factory automation equipment."

GÜDEL also uses the modular E4/4 E-Chain cable carriers from igus, which have easily-removable crossbars so that cables and hoses can be replaced quickly. The E4 system cable carriers are also suited to a wide range of demanding applications.

"E-Chain from igus is the only cable management system we use," says Olivia DuRussel, mechanical design engineer for GÜDEL. "The igus E-Chain is featured in our catalogue as the exclusive cable carrier used in all our designs."

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