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Low energy refuelling

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A Chalmor-designed lighting upgrade, supported by a Carbon Trust loan, has helped the Cowden Bonnybridge petrol station in Falkirk save nearly £3,000 per annum on energy consumption and lighting maintenance.

"Chalmor's input was invaluable in making the project run smoothly – from the design of the new lighting and helping with the energy figures and other paperwork for the Carbon Trust loan application – right through to final commissioning," recalled Cowden Bonnybridge's Jimmy Beveridge. "I would certainly recommend Chalmor to other petrol retailers seeking to improve their energy consumption in the most cost-effective fashion."

The lighting upgrade included replacement of 450W high pressure sodium lamps in the forecourt area with long life (60,000 hours) 150W Endurance fittings. In addition, inefficient T12 fluorescent lighting in the shop and storeroom have been upgraded to energy efficient T5 fluorescent lighting using Chalmor's cost-effective EasiFit retrofit solution. The energy savings achieved through the 69% reduction in installed electrical load were key to qualifying for the Carbon Trust interest-free loan.

"As well as providing a brighter light, making us more visible and welcoming during the hours of darkness, the new canopy lighting enables us to make more effective use of the lighting controls," observed Jimmy Beveridge. "As a result, the lighting now responds quickly to changes in daylight levels, whereas the lighting was on all day before because of the re-strike time of the old lamps. The shop is also much brighter with the new T5 lighting – and our maintenance costs across all areas are much reduced because of the longer lamp life," he added.

Chalmor's Endurance family of long-life fittings includes versions that have been specially developed for use in petrol station canopies. The 600mm x 600mm 150W Endurance fittings used at Cowden Bonnybridge provide a quick replacement for existing lighting with the potential to save as much as 75% of the energy while providing a 10 year lamp life. Endurance canopy fittings are IP65 rated, so they can be safely pressure-washed from the ground.

EasiFit T5 retrofit solutions provide a fast and cost effective way to upgrade existing fluorescent light fittings equipped with T8 or T12 lamps to longer-lasting, more efficient, higher output T5 lamps. They take less than five minutes to install, even by non-specialist staff, and include a T5 lamp, connectors with integral electronic control gear and a bridge that replaces the starter and bypasses the old gear.

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