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Liebert GXT2 UPS designed for rack-mount or tower modes

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Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson and a global leader in enabling Business- Critical Continuity, provides UPS protection in a wide range of applications with the Liebert GXT2.

The Liebert GXT2 is a true on-line UPS. Available in a range from 700 to 10,000 VA ratings, in both 120V and 230V models, this UPS can deal with every type of potential hazard, continually conditioning and replacing the input power. The Liebert GXT2 eliminates all aberrations and distortions, for example from imperfect utility power, variable output from a standby generator or harmonics from inside the building, thereby ensuring complete control of output voltage and frequency.

Designed to protect sensitive, business critical equipment and systems such as networks, servers, telecommunications and industrial processes, the Liebert GXT2 can be installed as a space-saving rack-mounted unit or as a compact freestanding tower. Back-up runtime can be extended by adding battery cabinets, as required.

The 10kVA version is a rack variant, designed and manufactured for the protection of IT loads, including blade servers, voice over IP devices, data centres, pizza box servers, network nodes and telecom applications. A redundant protection system can be created by paralleling up to three units to achieve total extended capacity of up to 30kVA.

Windows compatible software, included in the package, allows operation to be customized to reflect the requirements of the particular location, covering for example selection of output voltage, selection of frequency converter mode and battery management procedures. Options are also available, including a web-based network communication facility and a bypass capability providing continuous uptime during maintenance.

Emerson Network Power
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