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Emergency voice communication system launched

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For most people, a simple instruction like "please leave the building by the nearest available exit" can be acted upon quickly and easily. But for wheelchair users, the disabled and infirm, this isn't always the case.

Current building regulations recognise this and insist all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey provide "refuge areas" – reasonably safe places where people who cannot easily use fire escapes and evacuation lifts can call for assistance and wait until help arrives.

Simple, effective two-way communication in these areas is vital, not only to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required but more importantly to reassure people help is on the way.

Firesafes' EV Series emergency voice communication system has been specifically designed with ease of installation and powerful networking, the facility allows up to four master controllers (and slaves) to be interlinked allowing 64 line systems to be easily implemented.

The EV Series of emergency voice communication is ideal for hotels, shopping malls, office blocks, banks, sports stadiums, entertainment complexes, and more, and meets all requirements and standards of BS5839 Part 9.

As well as disabled refuge the EV series can be used for other things such as a fire telephone system and stadium marshalling.

Outstations can be mixed and matched to suit all applications – flush, surface and weatherproof versions are available.

Tel. +44 (0)1253 699 500

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