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Rental efficiency and engine care

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With the updated AGC-3 software from DEIF you can handle 256 gen-sets – fully automated. It will also identify and support the grid automatically. To reduce maintenance, it enables you to ramp up your gen-sets in steps before loading to the final set point and asymmetrical load share functionality helps reduce fuel consumption. 

Rental applications

The high flexibility of the AGC-3 makes it an obvious choice for rental applications. With the new and updated software, it now fits an even wider range of rental applications than previously.

If you work with planned network outages and use portable gen-sets to temporarily supply the load to the consumer, you should consider DEIF’s new “Transformer Maintenance Box” that does the job as a true plug and play solution together with the AGC-3.

If you are building big power plants, the AGC-3 can provide a 100% fully automated system that handles up to 256 gen-sets in one application. All you have to do is type in the power set point you need – then the AGC-3 plant will do the rest. As the AGC-controlled plant can be of a considerable size compared with the local grid, new functions have been applied to allow for automatic identification and support of the Mains, in case of Mains instability – avoiding a blackout situation.

As always, when working with the AGC, you can add and remove gen-sets “on the fly” if you need to replace or increase the size of your plant.

Efficiency and engine care
Using the new AGC-3 software will also give you new possibilities in terms of fuel efficiency and engine maintenance. Now, you can ramp up your gen-set in several steps, thus making it possible to heat up the engine carefully before loading the gen-set to the final set point. Moreover, it is possible to share the load asymmetrically between the gen-sets. This will enable you to produce power using an absolute minimum of fuel.

Want to know more?
The described features are just a fraction of the new functions available in this AGC-3 release. Data sheets and other technical documentation fully describing all features can be downloaded directly from the AGC-3 page.

You can also sign up for software updates and receive news and updates directly in your inbox.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact DEIF (UK) on 0161 429 4940 or email

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