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Update for troubleshooting training software

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Simutech Multimedia, a specialist in simulation-based electrical troubleshooting training software, has announced the release of Version 4 of its Troubleshooting Skills Series software, for immediate availability. The new version of the software has been completely re-designed and re-developed with comprehensive learning modules, improved simulation capabilities and an enhanced evaluation system.

The updated titles in the Troubleshooting Skills Series V4 include Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits, Troubleshooting Control Circuits, and Troubleshooting Motor Circuits.

A significant improvement in the Troubleshooting Skills Series V4 is the inclusion of more informational content. Each title in the series now includes in-depth instructional content modules that teach specific troubleshooting skills and strategies. These content modules contain much more information and feature new videos that demonstrate specific concepts and techniques.

"The additional content really focuses on helping learners to develop a strong foundation of the most critical troubleshooting concepts," said Warren Rhude, President of Simutech Multimedia Inc., and former troubleshooting trainer. "The new hands-on practice simulations and labs provide users with immediate practice and valuable experience using newly learned techniques."

Using a completely new development platform and completely rebuilt simulations, the new version of the Troubleshooting Skills Series offers improved simulation environments with more realistic simulation behavior. Users now have the ability to remove multiple wires, trace wire paths, and inspect components in the circuit for defects.

The enhanced simulations also offer more accurate component behavior, such as realistic behavior under fault conditions, accurate transformer regulation, and accurate motor voltages and currents under varying load. Another added feature is the ability to customize regional settings for North American or European standards including prints, diagrams and equipment design considerations.

The new programs are also equipped with a powerful evaluation system which offers more thorough scoring and makes this version of the software a much more valuable training tool. Streamlined Fault Evaluation summaries and at-a-glance Level Evaluation summaries allow both learners and instructors to easily track and evaluate progress and find areas for improvement.

With this new release, each title now includes more built-in faults and is available in four editions. The Student and Expert Editions are available for personal use, while the Business and Enterprise Editions are available for use in business and industry, as well as the educational sector.

Simutech Multimedia

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