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Improved design of dual indicator fuse-links

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For many years the European DIN style square bodied NH' fuse-link has been offered  covering a wide variety of types, traditionally designed with either the indicator incorporated in to the end plate or alternatively in to the fuse-link body. Following the successful launch of the Dual Indicator versions from Cooper Bussmann which combined both the end and centre indication in to the one fuse-link, the company has now further improved the design, whilst maintaining the innovative design of their patented Dual Indicator.

When a current passes through a fuse-link, energy is dissipated due to the fuse-links resistance, this dissipation or release of power can be a stated value of current under prescribed conditions, however the control of this release in power which results in temperature rise within and around the fuse-link is a critical factor when designing any fuse device. Cooper Bussmann engineers have ensured the new generation of DIN style NH fuse-links maintain ‘low watts loss', thus ensuring lower power dissipation resulting in lower temperatures being transferred to ancillary components. This reduction in watts loss enables compact bodies to be used, allowing the equipment builder to utilise the more efficient use of space within the panel and for the manufacturer to reduce material costs.

New dimension to house service cut-outs

Protecting the supply at the front end of the domestic meter is the house service fuse-link  (Types KR or LR). These fuse-Links are designed to ensure minimum temperature rise within their sealed enclosure (commonly referred to as cut-outs) but at the same time to limit the fault current down to a low enough value, protecting any lasting damage to the components within the consumer unit. 

Cooper Bussmann is recognised as a leader in the development and supply of fuse-links for the protection of electrical distribution from the power station to the home. Complementing a wide range of products specific to the supply industry, Cooper Bussmann has now launched a range of house service cut-outs. The introduction of the Cooper Bussmann cut-out, offers the user a source of supply for both the fuse-link and cut-out from the one manufacturer, therefore compatibility between the two components is assured. When incorporating the Cooper Bussmann house service fuse-links, these cut-outs have proved to be thermally efficient recording low operating temperatures under load.

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