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New fully-integrated solar system combines architectural appeal and solar energy

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Luvata's Nordic Solar System integrates the attractiveness of patinated copper on the  outside with a hidden solar thermal energy system on the underside. The heat transfer mechanism is behind the buildings' copper envelope and as the Sun warms the façade or the roof, the heat is collected.

"One of the objections to the use of solar thermal and photovoltaic solutions may be its' unattractive appearance. With the Luvata solar energy solution hidden from view, it offers architects a solution that doesn't distract from the beauty of a building while simultaneously being environmentally friendly," says Allan Savola, director of marketing for Luvata's architectural products.

The Luvata Nordic Solar system is compatible with any of Luvata's prefabricated copper panels, profiles and cassettes and is available in a wide variety of colours from patinated green copper to shades of blue and brown. "Patination on copper significantly increases the solar energy capture when compared with natural copper," explains Savola. "It is an excellent choice when customers want a solar thermal solution without foregoing aesthetics."

The performance of the Nordic Solar system is based on the natural properties of copper: Excellent thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and long life cycle. All of these combined with Luvata's copper architecture know-how make it a logical choice that joins the energy efficiency of solar with copper. The Nordic System performs similar to other non-glazed solar thermal systems.

The Nordic Solar System is tailor-made to meet the architect's exact specifications of a building. The system offers a high degree of prefabrication for quick and easy installation, which can be critical in meeting tight construction schedules. This unique solution combines the best copper has to offer – beauty, flexibility, durability and thermal conductivity – all in one.

Picture caption: The Pori public swimming complex in Finland demonstrates Luvata's Nordic Solar System. The solar energy collectors are integrated into Luvata's Green Traditional southern façade making the environmental energy collector invisible to the eye.


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