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Light curtains offer increased protection

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Schneider Electric has extended its Preventa line of safety products with the launch of two  new type 4 light curtains, the XUSLB and the XUSLD.

Designed for the protection of machinery operatives and those working in the vicinity, light curtains work by shielding the equipment with light beams. If one of these beams is broken, any dangerous movement of machine parts stops, protecting personnel while still allowing access to the machines should maintenance need to be carried out.

The two new Preventa light curtains from Schneider Electric offer varying levels of capability, dependent on the needs of the application. The XUSLB provides basic light curtain functions, with the XUSLD including additional standard features such as built-in muting, programmable blanking and cascading of up to four segments.  Both new light curtains offer flexible installation possibilities, due to their ability to share components, cables and accessories.

Schneider Electric

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