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Lighting product featured on YouTube!

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Producing a minimal amount of heat and consuming a maximum of 55W electricity, the  Dreadnought range from SH Lighting, operates at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C and has been developed to operate continuously in some of the most demanding environments imaginable.

Sealed to IP68 and featuring the very latest high brightness power LED technology, the rugged Dreadnought is enclosed in a 316L stainless steel housing with a toughened glass lens and a unique terminal inspection window. For applications in food, paper or pharmaceutical processing; the lens can also be treated with Glassguard anti-shatter coating to prevent any possible contamination of process products. 

Offering over 50,000hrs life, the Dreadnought is available in two sizes, – 600mm and 1200mm which offer lighting maintenance engineers a perfect retro-fit alternative to 2x18W or 2x36W standard fluorescent fittings. These devices use LEDs with a 100lm/w efficiency to give a highly proficient luminaire which requires no maintenance – a genuine ‘fit and forget' product designed to save money. 

The Dreadnought range of luminaires contains no mercury or other environment damaging compounds, therefore negating the need to incur any expensive disposal costs.

Click here to see the Dreadnought LED luminaire working in extreme conditions in a large paper mill. The product is shown in a continuous spray of water in a 35° C ambient.

SH Lighting

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