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Calibration made easy

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Ever been working on a third floor flat and got an odd reading on your insulation continuity  meter? You need to know whether it's a genuine fault or simply a dodgy meter reading, but you've left your instrument checkbox in the van.

Step forward the CalCard, which is an instrument calibration checkbox reduced to the size of a credit card. The compact size means it can be stored in a wallet or pocket, allowing contractors to take quick and easy calibration checks of test equipment values wherever they are working.

Manufactured by Calltronic, the CalCard is guaranteed for three years and now available to all contractors direct from the ELECSA online shop for £19.98 including VAT. With no probes to detach, or sockets to plug in, the CalCard provides a quick and accurate source of suitable check values, and is designed to complement your existing calibration routine.

Business Development Manager for ELECSA, Sarah Fry, said "We are always looking for products that can help contractors in their day to day working life and were impressed with the CalCards ease of use and reliability."

Tel: 0845 634 9043

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