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High point for Liverpool university project

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Emcor Group (UK) recently celebrated a milestone in its infrastructure upgrade project at the University of Liverpool, with a topping out ceremony for the newly constructed £14m energy centre, marking the completion of the final section of the 47 metre chimney – the highest point of the development.

The new energy centre, which will provide a new and more efficient way for the University of Liverpool to generate and utilise energy, will ensure the university remains at the forefront of greener energy generation and will enable it to meet its energy and environmental objectives, reducing the university's annual energy consumption by over 13000 MWh and CO2 emissions by over 1,500 tonnes.

Additionally, the partnership between principal contractor Emcor and the University of Liverpool has also seen the construction project become an on-campus educational resource for the students, providing a new vocational dimension to their education. Emcor Group (UK) provides engineering services, facilities management and sustainable business solutions for a diverse range of private and public sector organisations.

The heating infrastructure project comprises both a new energy centre and the upgrade of the existing campus energy infrastructure, from initial planning, design development and coordination of all electrical and mechanical construction through to commissioning and fit-out. The new energy centre will produce power for the University of Liverpool at a more economical rate than buying it commercially, and will supply heat to most of the University's buildings. The installation of a gas powered Combined Heating and Power (CHP) unit and associated combination boiler will provide electricity and primary high-temperature heat and enable effective re-use of high and low grade waste heat generated from production of the electricity. In addition, the project will centralise the heating infrastructure of the entire university campus and will also decommission the existing plant and demolish the boiler house and its 42-metre chimney, which is located next to the Grade II listed 19th century Liverpool Royal Infirmary.

John Matthews, managing director of Emcor Engineering Services said: "Emcor brings to this high profile project for the University of Liverpool our design and engineering expertise and ability to deliver solutions that meet and exceed our clients' needs. The company work with with many clients to help them achieve environmental objectives, and it is our great pleasure to be working in such a close partnership with the University of Liverpool to deliver a sustainable infrastructure project."


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