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Minister briefed on smart voltage management for UK homes

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Adrian Hutchings the executive chairman of VPhase, a developer of energy saving  products, has briefed the secretary of state for energy and climate change, the Rt.Hon. Ed. Miliband, MP on the benefits of its new smart voltage management device. The briefing took place the same week Miliband announced the UK Government’s plans to roll out smart meters across 26 million homes and several million businesses over the next 10 years.

Hutchings presented the new VX1 smart voltage management device to the minister, explaining how he believes it is set to play a key role for all homes in the future by delivering reductions to electricity costs, energy wasting and carbon emissions from generation sources.

The briefing illustrated how the VX1 device could work alongside smart meter applications to bolster financial and energy savings. The new technology, which reduces and regulates voltage on selected circuits, can lower energy consumption of many household appliances significantly and can cut typical electricity bills by up to 10% or more.

Whilst the first VPhase product is due to go on the UK market as a stand-alone product, Mr Hutchings assured the Minister that VPhase would enter into discussions with smart meter producers to enhance their products with its smart voltage management solution. Unlike smart meters, as soon as the VX1 device is installed consumers will start reaping its energy-saving benefits without having to alter their energy usage and behaviour.

Mr Hutchings says: “We are extremely pleased that we were given the opportunity to brief Mr Miliband on the potential for smart voltage management and how it can be used in conjunction with smart metering to reduce the nation’s energy consumption and carbon emissions.

“The UK Government’s plan to equip 26 million UK homes with smart meters is particularly timely for us, in a year when we expect the launch of our VX1 smart voltage management device, which will help households and businesses alike save energy in a smart, easy, and cost-effective way.”

VPhase, a subsidiary of Energetix Group, is already working with two major UK utilities, Scottish and Southern Energy and British Gas, in preparation for what it anticipates will be a high demand from UK customers for the smart voltage management technology.

The installation of domestic energy efficiency measures, such as the VPhase VX1, is being boosted significantly by the Government’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) programme, which expects to stimulate spending of up to £1 billion on such measures over the next three years.

Caption (Left to Right):The visiting party – MP for Chester Christine Russell, Ed Miliband MP, secretary of state for energy and climate change, MEP Arlene McCarthy and Ellesmere Port MP Andrew Miller

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