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OGC report on voltage supply optimisation

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An OGC report on voltage supply optimisation has acknowledged there is a major difference between powerPerfector’s Voltage Power Optimisation and voltage reduction technologies.

The report on Sustainable Procurement and Operations Case Studies, states:

“These case studies have been produced to support the sharing of good practice and provide departments with information on actions being taken elsewhere in government to deliver sustainable procurement and operations.  This is part of the OGC’s role to help develop departments’ capability and capacity to deliver sustainability.

“DIFD was seeking an innovative technology that could deliver increased energy and cost efficiencies with limited disruption to operations, minimal maintenance requirements, a lifespan equivalent to or longer than the building lease period (which expires in 2020), and a relatively short payback period. The same technology that had helped Defra to achieve significant cash and energy savings seemed to fit the bill”

The full OGC report is available here


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