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BOXX clever on the job

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Engineers and service personnel who need to constantly change their tool boxes to cope  with varying job demands have a new solution from Sortimo.

The German maker of van racking has added the L-BOXX to its existing range, a clever system that allows different modules to be clipped under the main tool carrier.

"We have been talking to users and one of the problems they face is the need to load their toolbox with different items at every call or even swap boxes for different jobs, effectively meaning keeping more than one set of potentially expensive tools," says Chris Jones, Sortimo sales director for the UK and Ireland.

"L-BOXX is a brilliant solution as it allows users to have the parts or equipment for different jobs all stacked in boxes safely contained within their Sortimo Globelyst racking systems for transportation.

"When they arrive at each call, they simply pick up their L-BOXX tool carrier and clip on the module or modules for the job they are doing. The resulting tool box can be either carried or taken by aluminium trolley to the worksite.

"It's a huge boost to efficiency as there's no searching around at each stop for the parts and equipment required. In fact parts departments can pre-load boxes for each job and then receive them back to equip for further tasks as we also offer labelling sets with free operating software.

"The patented click system linking the boxes is intuitive – the boxes lock together as they are stacked with clasps strong enough to cope with several boxes in one stack. Releasing them is equally as easy, needing just a flick of the wrist.

"The polymer construction makes them tough and lightweight while a system of internal dividers and packing gives the flexibility users have already come to expect from Sortimo's S-, M-, and T-BOXX ranges."

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